Free Patrick Zaki Events

may 10 2021

For this special edition of the international social communication competition "Poster For Tomorrow" - promoted by Amnesty International Italia, the Lecce association We spread ideas of value and the Conversations about the future festival in collaboration with the Human Rights Festival in Milan, the Association Article 21 and numerous partners, with the patronage of the Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna - over 900 posters from almost 50 countries around the world were conceived, created and nominated. The 10 winning posters created by Moises Romero (Mexico), Zlatan Dryanov (Bulgaria), Christopher Scott (Ecuador), Rashid Rahnama (Iran), Andrea Rodrigues and Rita Reis (Portugal) have been selected in two successive phases by an international jury from Monday 8th of February. ) and the Italians Mattia Pedrazzoli, Massimo Dezzani, Arianna Posanzini and Michele Carofiglio are being posted in Lecce, Bologna (the city that granted honorary citizenship to Patrick Zaki) and in another fifty municipalities and public and private spaces around Italy.

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