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jun 23 2021

Statement by Mayor Pierpaolo Cariddi:
“We are delighted to host an exhibition by Banksy, probably the most famous and important street artist still alive. His art has a great media echo, does not respect conventions and his actions are capable of surprising. Banksy chooses key events and spaces for his representations, involving people and soliciting their critical sense. I hope that his works will be appreciated by visitors who will choose Otranto as a holiday destination. They will be exhibited in the rooms of our beautiful Castle which is now the main cultural container of our city and which over the years has hosted prestigious exhibitions and events that have met with considerable success ".
According to Pietro Folena, president of MetaMorfosi Cultural Association that produces the event "The relationship between the imposing Aragonese fortress and the disruptive and transgressive power of the works of this artist is destined to arouse a strong impact among visitors. The need to restart from the pandemic culture is very strong everywhere. Banksy embodies its spirit and strongly represents a desire for rebirth attentive to the present and to the social issues that involve us all ».
Among the works on display there will be two true icons of the British artist's production, now known and loved all over the world for their immediate artistic trait and powerful social messages: Girl with Balloon, screen printing on paper from 2004-05, which in 2017 was voted in a poll as the most loved work by the British and # Love is in the Air, a work on paper that reproduces on a red background the stencil that appeared for the first time in 2003 in Jerusalem, depicting a young man who throw a bouquet of flowers. A powerful message right here in Otranto, which has always been a bridge to the other worlds that populate the Mediterranean. Adds Gianluca Marziani, curator of the exhibition together with Stefano Antonelli: «Banksy inside a Castle creates a perfect short circuit between the antagonistic origin of the images and the closed form of the fortress, which has always been the place that the Bristol artist symbolically wants to conquer, breaking the continuity of Power and breaking into the discontinuity of the present liquid… ».
This exhibition is the result of an independent scientific, analytical and critical project. The artist known as Banksy is not involved in the exhibition project, although he has been informed of it.

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