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Armel Barraud

Armel Barraud studied art at the School of Applied Arts in Paris , she continued studying in this field at the School of Decorative Arts in Paris where she specialized in animated films. She focused her artistic research on making fields and stitches.

Armel got in touch with craftsmen in Portugal and learned from them the technique of spindle lace. She knew this technique would help her in her future work. She came back enriched by this unique and great experience shared with lace-craftsmen (in fact, women). These lace-craftsmen transmitted their skills to her. Armel was conscious of acquiring a unique heritage in the technique she learned. She understands the need to keep and preserve this heritage for the future.

As an artist, she has developed a new way of using the technique of spindle lace.

The pieces of lace of the series “The wall whispers”(in French, Mur Mur) are the results of this artistic research. These drawings are made of lace using silver and metal thread, as well as other materials. They are designed as clothes “made to measure” in order to be exhibited in private or public places.

Each piece of lace is the result of a dialogue between its owner, the house in which it will be exhibited, and the metal thread that imposes itself on the project.

This thread technique allows its owner to retake possession of his or her private environment. The wall equipped with this thread becomes alive and evolves along the day. The daylight projects shadows made by the metal threads on the wall. What was perceived at first slowly changes along with the day. A story unravels in the daylight, each look at the wall is different and shows a different picture.

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