Castro Wine Fest Events

jul 06 2021

The Festival will propose a journey towards the best wineries in the area, without neglecting the valid tasting itineraries offered by the Italian Sommelier Association.
Thus, between Piazza Perotti and the Aragonese Castle, a “refined and appetizing” itinerary can take shape, leading to the Archaeological Park.
Among the novelties, the Tasting in the dark which is the result of collaboration with the Italian Union of the Blind and Visually Impaired and UNIVOC: participants will discover an unexpected path, from a different and multisensory perspective. There will also be the path of sweet wines: made on purpose to bring the public closer to Apulian dessert wines, which harmonize very well with the Lecce pasticciotto (do not think that you eat only for breakfast, it would be a serious error of assessment!) or with dry pastries of almonds.
The icing on the cake, it could not be missing as a great classic of summer nights: the observation of the sky, done professionally and with lots of guidance; from the Aragonese Castle, the Salento Amateur Astronomers Group will begin to discover the stars with indispensable telescopes.

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