Visits with FAI to the Saints Niccolò and Cataldo Church Events

may 23 2021

The church of Santi Niccolò e Cataldo is a medieval church of Lecce. Together with the adjacent monastery it was founded in 1180 by the Norman count Tancredi d'Altavilla, who became king of Sicily. The construction of the Temple represents a real 'model' that innovated and at the same time directed the architectural and stylical dictates for the creation of the so-called 'New Hydrutine Romanesque School' by rejuvenating the now stale architecture of the first Romanesque of Terra d'Otranto, where the Latin-Byzantine-Epirot component merged with the stylistic features of the other side of the Alps. Starting from Tancredi, stylistic models spread that survived for about two centuries until the construction of the church of Santa Caterina in Galatina, in the mid-fourteenth century; coming to dictate also the architectural lines for the construction of the Cathedral of Matera [1]. The Count donated the complex to the Benedictine monks, who were followed in 1494, at the behest of Alfonso II of Naples, by the Olivetan fathers who remained until 1807. In 1807 Napoleon established the Lyceum and the complex became Palmieri Lyceum (at the time "Liceo Nazionale "). In 1870 the complex became the seat of the nursery school of Mendicity and from the 1980s it was the seat of the Faculty of Cultural Heritage.

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