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jun 12 2021

A new way of involving the visitor, a surprising leap from the past to the future for a unique experience to live. The emotional journey will be "accompanied" by the "virtual" meeting with three important historical figures who have characterized the history of Gallipoli: the famous Tuscan architect, engineer and painter Francesco di Giorgio Martini (1439 - 1501), author of one of the most important treaties on civil and military architecture of the Renaissance, designer of many palaces and castles around Italy to whom we owe the current shape of the Castle of Gallipoli; the landscape painter Jakob Philipp Hackert (1737-1807), German artist and court painter of his Majesty Ferdinand IV of Bourbon king of Naples, who at the end of the eighteenth century also arrived in the Ionian city with the task of representing the port cities of the Kingdom; the "Tsarina" Catherine II, Empress of Russia (1729 - 1796), who, in the palaces of St. Petersburg, already enlivened by Neapolitan music, fed chandeliers and lamps with lamp oil, which from the port of Gallipoli was exported all over the world for public and private lighting, for wool processing and soap making.
The itinerary will culminate in the enagonal hall, a rare and unique jewel of military architecture of this shape and size, with a diameter of 20 and a height of 10 meters, with an enveloping "fulldome experience" show. A 360 ° projection will excite the public with an animated videomapping on the golden age of Gallipoli and its "sea of ​​stories" passing through the story of the three "traveling companions" and even going so far as to "visit" some of the architectural beauties of the historic center such as the co-cathedral of Sant'Agata and Santa Maria della Purità.
«Gallipoli contains within it a precious treasure: its history, its culture, its identity. The city, a crossroads of cultures, has a lot to tell, stories of land and sea, which have defined our territory for centuries. Thus, the exhibition “Castello di Gallipoli - a sea of ​​stories. An experience journey ”, expresses the added value of a city that is at the center of a collective narrative, made up of beauty and discovery”, underlines Stefano Minerva, mayor of Gallipoli. «All of us have gone through a complicated and delicate period and the closure, albeit momentary, of the places of culture made us understand even more how important and fundamental they are in our daily life. The opening of the castle is therefore the right opportunity to take a dip in culture: thanks to the professionalism and creativity of the architect Raffaela Zizzari and the director Luigi Orione Amato, Gallipoli this summer will be able to boast an event of great quality ".
"The Gallipoli Castle represented a great challenge and an opportunity in terms of the creative process," says Umberto Pastore, CEO of Creation, the company that curated the exhibition. «The monument itself, in fact, as well as the sea of ​​stories it has to tell, lent itself to an exhibition with immersive installations. The presence of the Ennagonale Room with its magnificent dome then suggested us to create a real fullldome experience, a highly spectacular 360 ° videomapping that would bring together technological innovation and historical documentation ».
«Since 2014 we have tried to bring together“ traditional ”languages ​​and innovative poetics to make a visit to this ancient and mysterious manor unmissable», underline Luigi Orione Amato and Raffaela Zizzari. «We believe that new“ travelers ”are increasingly looking for a visual, perceptive, ethical, educational and functional beauty. After this long pause, due to the restrictions caused by the international pandemic, in conceiving and producing this exhibition, thanks to the collaboration and expertise of Creation, we thought about the importance of making museums and all cultural centers accessible as places of rehabilitation post-traumatic experience of the interior life and the community dimension through a social practice that requires an individual but shared experience ».
The Gallipoli Castle - managed by the Orione di Maglie Communication Agency, with the general direction of Luigi Orione Amato and the artistic direction of the architect Raffaela Zizzari - after decades of closure and neglect, since July 2014 it welcomes tourists from all over the world , from Puglia and Salento, and the citizens who for too long had been denied the opportunity to appreciate rooms, towers, galleries, corridors, to admire the beauty of the sunlight on the walls of the atrium and the breathtaking view that the terraces surrounded by Ionian sea. Among the exhibitions hosted the personal exhibition of and with Michelangelo Pistoletto in the summer of 2015; “The ports of the King, Jakob Philipp Hackert from the Royal Palace of Caserta to the Castle of Gallipoli”, which in 2017 allowed the display of precious eighteenth-century paintings that represent the past and the history of the territory; #Selfati in 2018, an unpublished exhibition entirely dedicated to the selfie that hosted for the first time in Puglia, the Venus of the Stracci, the most famous work of Michelangelo Pistoletto; Clear in 2019, a story that celebrated "liquid gold" which, from the beginning of the sixteenth century, allowed Gallipoli to become the largest European market for the production and marketing of lampante oil, "illuminating" the great European capitals, as well as numerous group exhibitions of artists and photographers from Puglia and beyond, concerts, shows, presentations, theatrical visits and private events. The Castle has become an open and functioning pole of attraction throughout the year and thanks to the economic results of the current management, from 14 April 2016, it was acquired by the State Property of the Municipality of Gallipoli, allowing complete and independent availability. of the property from the State Property.
In the summer of 2021 the castle reopens with an ambitious project that aims to attract and amaze tourists but also Gallipoli who will be able to see the beauty and the "sea of ​​stories" of their city spectacular with an unprecedented event.

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