Festa dei Beati Martiri Idruntini Events

aug 13 2021

The first day of the celebrations sees the presence of both civil and religious authorities.In this first moment of commemoration of the massacre carried out by the Turks in 1480 against 800 Otranto who were beheaded on the Minerva hill, a wreath of flowers is placed on the monument commemorating the sacrifice of the martyrs, in Piazza degli Eroi.
On the second day, instead, the religious celebrations of the event are held, it begins with the Holy Mass, celebrated in a solemn way by the Archbishop and the day continues with the afternoon procession of the urn with the ashes of the martyrs through the streets of Otranto.
Turning among the stalls displaying various products, it is possible to taste typical sweets such as cupeta, a crunchy with almonds, and mustaccioli or mustazzoli very spiced chocolate biscuits.
The celebrations for the Holy Martyrs of Otranto reach their peak with the fireworks on August 14th, in fact after midnight the most awaited fireworks show begins, both in the air and in the water.

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