Through the Castle Events

may 18 2021

Every Friday appointment with three tours (at 4 pm, 5 pm and 6 pm - max 15 people) that will allow visitors to immerse themselves in total safety in the history and environments of the Castle by exploring prisons, patrol walkways, the Chapel of Santa Barbara, the Museo della Cartapesta and underground tunnels. To participate, simply go to the welcome point (subject to availability) that overlooks the castle's parade ground at least a quarter of an hour before the tour departs. From Monday to Thursday and on Saturday and Sunday, on the other hand, Through the Castle will activate its guided tours by reservation only (for a minimum of 4 people). The Castle of Lecce, built in the Norman age close to the town walls, underwent numerous renovations over the following centuries. Interventions are attested in the Frederick, Angevin and Aragonese ages. The building, which housed Maria d’Enghien and Giovanni Antonio Orsini del Balzo, was surrounded on all four sides by a deep moat. The current appearance is due to the interventions commissioned by Charles V in the first half of the sixteenth century and conducted by the architect Gian Giacomo d’Acaya. The visit of the new areas recently restored and open to the public of the Castle consists of a special path in which visitors are guided to the surprising discovery of its history. The visit includes the viewing of multimedia content and accompaniment along the route with a qualified guide. After the second digital review with the hashtag #Balconauti that accompanied users on social media during the last period in the red and orange zone, the activities of Through the Castle therefore restart in presence, with quota entrances and following the anticovid19 security protocols , looking forward to new activities.

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