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Alessandro Maria Betocchi

After my law studies, for more then 20 years I work as a sales & marketing consultant for important companies in the fashion market, where I've build up a specialization in the luxury segment.
After managing for 10 years the ART TO DESIGN gallery opened together with Nicolò Riguzzi in the center of Bologna, in April 2017 I moved to the beautiful city of Lecce to live the magic of Salento's Baroque and to dedicate myself to my new B&B activity.
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Nicolò Riguzzi

After my studies in architecture and a long experience in the fashion market as a stylist and art director, I put these two experiences together as Interior Designer and Art Director for some important Italian companies.
Since July 2017 I moved to Lecce and continue to follow interior design projects for my clients, as well as dedicating myself to the constant search for new artists and designers.
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Aslan, Stewe, Lohengrin

Hi, from the left, we are two brothers with our father. If you love dogs, we'll be your best friends!